Problem turning over completely!

Hello, I have a 2004 Cub Cadet LT1024 Riding Mower and it is having a hard time cranking. Like it will roll over but stop in mid rotation and have to use my hand to help it rotate. Will never make a full rotation and will not start. I have replaced the starter, battery, coils, plugs, fuel pump. I have checked the carb and it is flowing like should. I'm at a lost and in need of help. Thank in advance!

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Have you checked the oil? It almost sounds like its seized.

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Oil is good just changed it. And motor is not seized can rotate it freely with my hand. Thanks for the input!

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Kersh test the voltage while the tractor is sitting without cranking then test it while cranking . If it drops a lot more then 1 or 2 volts then you may have a ground issue. try adding a ground by putting a set of booster cables on it .Attach to the negative pole of the battery and then connect to the bolt that holds the starter on the engine or onto the block somewhere . Hope this helps

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Thank you I will check that and see if it works. And voltage is at 13.2 before crank and drops to 11.9 at crank. I will hook a extra ground and see if that helps. Thanks again!

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