Dropped on the ground will it still work

Help my black ps2 console was dropped on the ground and will it still work

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How hard a hit did it take ? Did it break open, anything come off it ? Have you tried it ? You can do one of 2 things. Open it and inspect it for obvious damage . Or plug it in and try it . If you just try it then theres the chance you may short it out . However opening it up and looking may not reveal anything either . The choice is yours. How lucky do you feel ? Hope this help

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I plugged it in and my black ps2 console started smoking and the motherboard is not looking to good

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Jimfixer my motherboard sounds like it is not in place what can i do please help

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If it started smoking, I would just look to Ebay to get a replacement.

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If my motherboard is still good can i put it in a another ps2 console

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depends where the smoke was from look at the board for burn marks and or blown capacitors

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