Samsung Galaxy Note 4는 2014년 10월에 출시된 셀룰러 스마트폰입니다. Galaxy Note 4 모델 번호는 SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V 또는 미국 버전은 SM-N910R4입니다.

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Screen is black and unresponsive

I dropped my phone (galaxy note 4) outside the other day and I tried to hit the power button to turn on the screen but nothing happened. The screen was black and never came back on. The phone itself still vibrates like I'm getting notifications and the LED light still lights up. The lights at the bottom of the phone will light up as well when I hit the power button like normal. I've tried taking out the battery and holding the power button for a minute and putting the battery back in but that doesn't work. Please help!! Thanks!

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At this point if it was me I would first check to see if the displays flex cables may have popped loose. Unfortunately they reside right below the display. Instead of lifting the display right away I would try removing the back housing from the phone to gain access to the motherboard. You will not be able to see the displays flex cable connection to the motherboard as they are on the other side of the motherboard. But if you look at the guides on this site you can get an idea of where they are located. Once you have an idea of where the display cables connect to the motherboard you may try applying pressure to that area of the motherboard to see if maybe you can hear the display connection snap back into place. If it is loose you may hear it snap into place or you may not. After you have applied pressure to that area go ahead and try putting the battery in and try powering it on to see if you have a working display. You may attempt this a few times. If that doesn't work try to very carefully lift the display to check the display cables. If they are tightly connected to the motherboard then you know the LCD or backlight in the display is damaged and you will need to replace the display. Hope this helps you out.

Here are the guides for this device:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Repair

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What if the touch screen is still responsive?

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This saved my life! Thanks guys!

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I suffered from this issue too, and had been reading all sorts of things online. It used to be that the only way I could get the display to show anything was to put it in the freezer. I had been reading about how the display ribbon cables or flex connectors could become disconnected if the device was dropped. I had recently dropped my device, and right after that the issues started. I was considering taking my phone apart (that would have been my first repair, and I don't have really any proper tools), but before I went that far, I decided I should try to push the top of the display together with the other side, using much more force than I was comfortable doing on any kind of electronic device. ( The top because after dropping it right on the screen the top right corner seemed to pop out a little bit). that solved my screen issues! hope this helps you guys!

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Yo this saved my life! Thanks guys!

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Fixed it but it went back to its black screen after awhile. Could you tell me exactly how much force did you apply and where and in what way? Would be appreciated! Thanks!

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