Lamp replaced still no picture

I replaced lamp with new one. Still no picture. The lamp just flickers and makes crackling sound

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@ged52 did you check the ballast as I suggested on here No picture even though lamp replaced

Not yet. I need to get a meter.....the one I have has a bad wire. When I check it can I insert the probes into to lamp connection points or should I check it some other place for the voltage. I believe the proper voltage reading should be 280 V. Is that correct. Thank you for your advice.

I put a meter on the connectors for lamps and it blew my meter. I had it set on 700V. Not good

@ged52 the voltage between the power board and the ballast is 220 to 440V but on igniting the ballast can exceed 1000V

I checked the voltage to the ballast assembly coming into the board and it is Ok.

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