A mid-range smartphone from HTC, released November 2014.

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Where is storage space going?

I hace too little storage available, over 11GB in system! Can I reduce "system storage?

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If you are Android 6.0 or later, you can try putting a memory card into the phone and having it "Formatted as extended storage". It will combine the existing storage in the phone and the memory card as a single storage.

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I'm running Android 6.0.1 , on a HTC Desire 820 (single SIM), it comes with 16 GB internal memmory, and I already got a 32 GB and formatted as internal, yet it only used 132 MB of it, and still do not have space even for a screen shot !

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That makes no sense. A screenshot should fit in 11gb storage.

Try booting into recovery and wiping the cache partition. This usually works on the Nexus and Samsungs. It hopefully will fix your HTC problem.

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I couln'd boot into recovery, so I factory defaulted the HTC handset, while it was reprogamming, it offered to restore a backup I had from last June 2016, so I accepted, and it continued, of course I had to re-log into most apps, but at the end, I had a system storage of ~ 6 GB, with about 10 apps more (that I uninstalled after that backup), and with about 4.5 GB empty space, again I formatted the 32 SD Card as internal, and now everything works fine.

I think that what I did, parallels your suggestion of wipping cache, Thanks for everything.

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