Internet videos wont't play

When I click on a video to play on the internet the video will not play. The loading wheel just keeps spinning and the video never plays. Why?

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Can you give us the version of Windows your system is using. Can you access any of the YouTube vids? Or is it a given site you can't access?

You may need to install Flash Player. Do be careful! There are many sites where you can download it but many are malware/scam's! The link I have here is the real deal.

What web browser are you using: Internet Explorer/Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox?

Hi @avanteguarde ,

Interesting that you added "Safari" to the list of browsers that may be used on a PC. It wouldn't be that common a thing to do would it, or are you just covering all bases? ;-)

No, iTunes if you don't pay attention secretly installs it as part of their 'software updates' on a PC.

Hi @avanteguarde ,

Learning all the time, especially about Apple. My knowledge re Apple is 2/5ths of 5/8ths of nothing.

Cheers ;-)

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