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iPhone 5c Front camera problem!

I've recently dropped my iPhone 5c, the entire phone fell out of the coloured shell, my front camera has cracked but also is not working? Could anyone help me out on This one please?

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Can you add image of what it looks like? Adding images to an existing answer

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OP: You mean the entire screen popped off from its iPhone plastic housing?

For that you will need to get the screen and front camera assembly replaced. Everything else should be transferable from the old screen to the new screen no problem.

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There is normally a sort of retaining bracket (shield) that keep the cables on front panel from detaching from the board. If that shield was missing from your phone (could have happened if you've had it repaired/opened before) there could potentially be logic board damage.

If the cables are still connected to the logic board, it most likely will be a straight forward screen replacement. The "full assembly" is what you would want to get.

If you are unsure of how to do the repair, there may be a local Experimac store that could help you. :)

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