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When I replaced my front camera on the iPhone 5s I turned orange HELP!

Okay hi guys.

I'm having this issue it's really beginning to p*$$ me right off now.

So that's why im here to ask the community if they can help maybe?

So the front camera has turned into a neon orange colour. There is no filter or anything else on.

I have tried resetting the phone still with no luck ?

Any ideas please help me as this is really frustrating now. Thanks on advance.

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Protective layer ? Do you mean like right inside the camera holder?

Or on the camera itself because I checked the camera and that's clean nothing on it whatsoever. ?

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I'm talking about this side of camera hole:

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I will give it a try? If this doesn't work do you have any other solution's?

Thanks again

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I don't suppose it could be a partially faulty camera connection fault on the motherboard. As it does look a bit demented. If I could send a photo I would of.

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I managed to save 1 only take a look see what you think.

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Have you tried another camera? Yours may be faulty.

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I have tried another but it still had the same issue. Im not using the copper sticker can this be the issue? As I know some people say it don't make a difference? Also thanks for the reply.

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The copper filter doesn't appear to make a difference to the functionality of the phone.

I've tried numerous screens with or without it.

Have you made sure you didn't forget to peel some protective layer off behind the screen where the front camera sits?

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