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Does AT&T Part work on Verizon Model?

I purchase a Galaxy Note II Charging Assembly (AT&T)

Problem is, I have a Verizon model of the Note II. I have attempted to replace it and the phone is still not charging.

Did I do the repair incorrectly or does this part not work for my phone?

Galaxy Note II Charging Assembly (AT&T) 이미지


Galaxy Note II Charging Assembly (AT&T)


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Usually when a part denotes it is for a specific model, such as AT&T or Verizon they are not interchangeable. Here's the correct part for the Verizon:

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Yah, was my mistake not realizing the part was for an AT&T Model, not Verizon. Thank you!

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Glad I could help. Trying to guide 15 year olds answering questions can be exactly that - trying. But he did well and deleted his answer ;-)

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