Touch screen disease when slightly cold or off brand charge cables

My screen will spasm rendering the device useless until I turn off and on the screen, it's only affecting the bottom right hand corner and turning on the second mode for cursor trails shows a massive jumbled mess going held way of the side of the screen and the bottom, with a huge pocket of swiveling touches in the corner, this seems to be only when the temperature outside or inside drops below 12c• or if there is a slight issue with headphones or charge cables connecting. It's really confusing and it's been like it for about a week after I got it

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Its late now but since it happened a week after you got it, you should have gotten a return.

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This Phone was introduced

United States on June 28, 2016

So it is under warranty. Take it in for repair. I always consider getting an extended warranty on any electronic product that has issues during the first year. They will usually still sell it to you if it is still under coverage.


After reading your uncalled for comment about me and my answer

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No! That's not even remotely useful, if it still had warranty I would have gotten it fixed that way, did you only respond to my question to get rep points?

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Well Sky since i have more rep points than anyone else on the site and have already maxed out for the day, no, I didn't do it for the points.

Also since the thing has not even been on the market for a year yet it is covered under warranty unless you stole it.

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Well when you already open the phone undo all the tork screws because your carrier says the phone is out of warranty, one would think there's no more warranty left on the device. Even if there was, it's definitely voided now. THANK YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING HELP

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