System Sound not working

i have sony vaio vpcz119gx .After varies attack my laptop sound is not working i install the windows again and again but no bani fit pleas if somebody have some software and also some driver not properly not working

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i installed but still sound is not working more then 10 time windows and drivers

and also tray by windows 8 & 10

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does the sound icon in the bottom right corner have a red circle with a red line through it?

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no it is normal

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Does it work if you use headphones or external speakers? And when you right click on it and go to volume mixer, is it on the right output and is anything muted there?

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Headphones is not working .when volume mixer open and open YouTube & speaker icon there is sound level moving up down but there is system sound icon thees is no show any movement of sound level

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There is the driver downloads. Find which one is the audio driver, install it and see if it works.

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