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15" MBPR Freezing upon boot up

Good afternoon, I do a lot of work on MacBook Pros, but am currently stumped.

I have a Mid 2015 15" MBP with a 2.2 i7/16gb/256ssd with liquid damage and a cracked LCD panel. The computer would work flawlessly with a half-cracked panel, and stress tested without an issue for hours on end. However, whenever I replace the screen assembly with a new replacement, the computer will immediately freeze upon booting into the home screen. If you put the old cracked display back, the unit works fine again. I also tested it through an external without a screen attached, and it worked just fine.

So basically, the unit works 100% with both the old screen and without a screen, but with a new replacement it will freeze immediately. I do not understand why this is happening because even though the old display is cracked, the computer should still be emitting the same amount of power to display the backlight, and thus the replacement should work. Any suggestions or recommendations on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

Note: although it was liquid damaged, it was professionally cleaned and tested extensively. I have also unplugged every single component possible to remove any doubt of it being another part causing the issue.

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Did you connect an external display while this display was connected? Also where did you purchase this from?

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What was the source of your replacement display?

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The display was purchased from beets tech, formerly CMDMacparts. I have gotten a lot of parts from them and they have always been top notch.

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The old one works, the new one doesn't. Ergo, send the one back that doesn't work and get one that does.

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