Battery less than I expected

When I turn on my tablet the battery lasts only 40 minutes of charge or sometimes less

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I apologize, but I am going to have to mark this as a "not helpful" question, simply because there wasn't one. Not much information alongside it doesn't help us, so we aren't able to help you very well.

However, if you were wondering why the battery wasn't lasting as long as you expected, it is in part a few things:

  • If you had received the RCA tablet used, then the battery has likely had several charge/discharge cycles, enough for it to loose a bit of longevity. This is normal.
  • If it was brand new, it's likely that it needs some charge/discharge cycles (hence why the manufacturers usually say "Charge the device fully before using") before the 100% of the battery is achieved, which sometimes ends up being a projected 90% in the near future.

However, another thing to mention is that if you are classified as a "Power User" (Watches a lot of videos, performs a considerable amount of work on the device, plays a lot of games, etc.), battery life will diminish drastically, sometimes halving total battery life. Leaving the Wireless Device enabled can also drain the battery; disabling it can extend the battery some. Leaving the brightness at Maximum can also significantly drain the battery - lower it as often as you can, if you can.

The best way to determine battery life is to simply turn it on, and browse the internet a bit. If just browsing the internet drains the battery as if you had just played a game on it, the battery is at fault, and you should look to replace it. If not, the device is not strong enough for your requirements. The RCA Voyager series are better as Android-flavored Nook tablets anyhow. Good E-readers, bad performance drivers.

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