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Advanced Bluetooth enabled speaker that is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones and music players. Manufactured by The Wand Company, it was released at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2015. It is identified by model number LYSB01ITB1OEC-ELECTRNCS.

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How / where can I get a replacement battery?

My Communicator was left on display on it's unplugged charging base for about 7 or 8 months. The unit would not power up and when I plugged in the charger to charge the unit, the light does not strobe from yellow to red when the Communicator is placed on the charger, but stays strobing blue to green.

Does this mean my battery is damaged and can no longer be charged?

And if so, how or where can I purchase a replacement battery


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I contacted the Wand Company for the same reason. Seems that when the battery flat lines, some defecting charging bases cannot jump start the charge. The Wand Company is sending me a replacement charging base at no cost. Once the battery is charged, I can use my old charging base as a backup. You can also remove the battery and charge it using a cable and correct charger. Once it has some power, you can again use the charging base to fully charge the battery but do not let the battery to completely discharge from that point.

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