The Ford Freestyle was a crossover utility vehicle that preceded the Taurus X

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jumps in my rpm then I feel a slip

I have a 2005 ford free style that jumps in my rpm then i can feel a slip and the my trac control come on but when i took it in there is no codes indicating that anything is wrong and there r no lights on then my gas and my mileage wasnt reading right and i had to unplug my battery for it to work correctly yet my car jumps and slips.....any suggestions caint keep paying a mech to tell me nothing is wrong

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contact your local ford dealer there was an warranty extension program for the reprogramming of engine module and cleaning of throttle body which manifests itself as an idle surge usually during parking manuvers that may be hazardous.good luck

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OK Ford has released a programme to deal with this. Read about it in the following link.

Ford Programme.

And here official Ford dealer letter.

While these recalls aren't related to your problem, you may want to get your local dealer to check if your vehicle has been fixed.

This is related to your issue, might want to bring this to your mechanics attention.

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