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LG에서 제작한 터치스크린 스마트폰 모델 번호 VS980는 2013년 9월에 출시되었습니다.

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Touch not working after replacement

Hello, few months ago my charging port broke down. Then i bought that charging connector second-hand(it's with microphone and other stuff that comes with it), and after installing it, the charging was working fine, but touch was mot working. So i assumed i broke down the digitizer while tearing down the phone(as my screen was already a bit damaged).

Image of the connector i bought.

So yesterday i bought LCD+Digitizer for my G2. After assembling it it seems that i still have the same issue.

And now im not sure what could be the issue? Maybe that second-hand connector? Or maybe something on motherboard(but phone does boot, and shows screen) ?

I hope you may know the answer.

Thank you!

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If I remember correctly. The LCD screen assembly utilises like an extension cable that goes from the bottom of the phone to the top of the phone.

It's possible that may have been damaged. Since you got another phone you could use the extension cable parts from that phone and try it on there.

It's fairly hard to damage the screen cables as it's only exposed at the bottom of the phone.

And hopefully it's just the extension cable that goes across above the battery.

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No, sorry i mistyped(will edit now), i only bought that connector (i also now included picture of it) so i don't have spare phone around.

I have that old charging connector, maybe i should try with him? Only to see if touch works?

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Ok, i have tried it with the old connector, and it still doesn't work.

I guess it has to be something on the motherboard? :(

edit: now after again taking down that connector i see this on one of the motherboard pins

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Currently I'm not at my computer. I will check what that broken pin is for but it's most likely for touch screen connectuon.

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OK, if that is the case i should replace whole mobo?


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Not worth it imo. LG G2 phones are prone to the bootloop defect causing it to be a paperweight.

LG G5 and higher are okay though.

You may be able to find someone (microsoldering technician) that repairs the connector.

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