Touch not working after USB flex replacement


I have a LG D802 EU unlocked and noticed that it wont charge anymore, so I ordered a replacement flex cable. Sadly, I ordered one for the D801, which I didnt notice at first.

So I replaced the flex cable, it charges again but the problem is that the touchscreen does not work properly anymore (sometimes there are 'ghost touches', so it physically still works).

After a lot of googling, it seems that the problem is that the connector on the right side of the flex is responsible for the screen and is the part that seems to make problems. [Red on the picture]

Another problem is that the one connector on the left side does not fit, as the 'hole' is bigger on the D801 model. [Yellow on the picture]

Is there anything I can do? Maybe using parts from the original flex cable I have, like only the upper things?

I have tried unplugging/replugging the red connector already.

Picture: i.imgur_com/mk3IlDQ.png

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