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Apple의 2016년 개정판 노트북은 전문 사용자를 대상으로 제작되었습니다. 15 인치, 2880 x 1800 Retina 화면, 쿼드-코어 Intel Core i7, 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB / 2 TB 저장 공간 옵션, 16 GB RAM, 그리고 Touch Bar가 장착 된 키보드가 특징입니다. 2016년 11월 출시되었습니다. 모델 A1707.

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I spilled tea on my MacBook Pro!

I spilled tea on the macbook, and still working yet.

Is it possible to clean it?

I need advice please

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i need help i spilled a bit of water on my mac pro's touch bar and now it isn't working what am i supposed to do

I need help, I spilled the tea on my Macbook pro about an hour back. My display is not working..however whem I connect to my TV via HDMI , I can see my laptop working on the TV Screen...no thing on my Macbook display

The tea went down the corner of the monitor , I turn it on it’s side immediately, however it done something to the monitor, it boots up perfectly and I can see very faint graphics in background how can I fix this I need this fixed ??

What did you do? I have had the same experience

I have spilled tea on my MacBook Air and it’s unresponsive. It’s been 3 days.

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@maximc clean it ASAP with 95%+ isopropyl if you don't have an ultrasonic cleaner, don't leave it to dry; the liquid is still going to be on the logic board, and corrosion will occur gradually when it is next turned on. Leaving it to dry, air out or putting it in rice does not do anything to clean the liquid inside the MacBook.

Don't know what you're talking about @oldturkey03, we use hairdryers when doing logic board repairs all the time. Feel sorry for all the fools who pay for an expensive hot air station ;)

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I said it but i noticed if you keep the heat on the board for too long it will melt :) Anyway thanks for the tips hope it also helps out the guy who asked!

@reecee you are of course totally right. Return your Hakko FM-203 and get a Conair instead. I even created a guide for that Hair dryer for logic board reflow?.

Appreciate you Boss :-)

My son was standing on other side of table and cup lid flew off and tea went down corner of monitor and a small amount on keyboard but thank god I have a silicon keyboard Matt over it so none got in there I have a MacBook Pro the monitor turns on but then goes black then comes back on how can I fix this I turned it back off and turned it upside down next day with rice in box help !!!!

CRap i accedently spilled very very little amount of tea, one of my buttons is in the colour of tea its working fine tho, any tips

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@d7om2008 - I agree with @reecee here you need to fully clean the logic board of the spilled tea as the acids in the tea will corrode things making a bigger mess!

@maximc - You're in a bit of a pickle here! Sugary drinks spilled into the keyboard leave a tacky mess! While a small spill caught quickly can be dealt with, leaving it stew makes a bigger mess and a large spill can get all the way into the logic board messing it up! Again, Sprite also has acids in it which over time will corrode so it to needs to be properly cleaned.

But, here you may end up needing to replace the keyboard assembly as its too difficult to clean.

As to Rice & Silca Gel forget them! They don't work with spills! This is an urban legend, it has no truth behind it. What they do help is remove condensing moisture within the air.

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Here's a simple experiment to prove it: Take two packets of gel which are fresh with just a 1/4 teaspoon of water per test setup do the following:

- Within a small test tube dump out the gel and the water and seal the test tube letting it sit.

- With two test tubes & two stoppers (1 & 2 holed) with a hose interconnecting the two and the spare hole place a balloon to contain the build up pressure. In the first test tube place the water with the single holed stopper. Place the gel grains in the second test tube with the balloon. Now carefully heat the test tube with the water (just warm enough to cause it to evaporate) within a few hours the water should be fully gone and once you pull the heat away the balloon should return to its deflated state.

The gel which is soaking will still be in a bath of water, the gel which had only water vapor should not have any standing water.

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Turn it off as soon as possible. If you can, open it up, unclip the battery, dry it off as much as possible, put it in front of a fan and let it sit for a week. DO NOT USE A HAIRDRYER!!! They can desolder your logic board. or use some proper equipment to clean.

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This problem happened before 10 days , and still working.

But the keyboard and the trackpad not like before.

Is it possible to clean all the device , to return like before.

hmmm... It would require full teardown and isopropyl alcohol to do and even then there's no guarantee.

in my case of the macbook air my sister poured sprite over the top right corner. I put it in front of a fan for a week and then another week in silica gel and rice. I don't have tools to open it up but am planning to clean off any corrosion as soon i get tools. but kinda still works

I know but didn't have any other choice by the way inspired by linus tech tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tASvbnOD... and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8211HNs... i know it sounds silly but it worked about 7 times already :)

@maximc "put it in front of a fan and let it sit for a week. DO NOT USE A HAIRDRYER!!! They can desolder your logic board." Really? Rubbish!

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Ok, this sounds crazy, but it works. My mother spilled beer on her MacBook Air. She put it in a box and forgot a out it. 2 months later it dried out and worked

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Not cool!

She might have gotten away with it as it was a small spill and she wiped it up quickly so very little beer got in.

Even still over time the beer will come back and bite you! The problem is the solids within the beer is corrosive and great food for microbes which overtime will also eat though the copper traces.

MaxAwesomeness GB (Max) we do not know anything about you. All we can see is that your answers are very amateurish and never really suggest anything that any OP could use to repair their devices. Have you tried to look at the questions to see if you know what they are asking? Liquid damage repair is not fixed by placing things in a box. Do you realize that this is a silly answers that has no value? Where are you from? Is there anything that we can help you with to maybe become a bit more successful in answering questions? As you have noticed, all of your answers have been downvoted due to lack of value or even being blatantly wrong. We do want you to participate and we do want you to answer question and helping out. We want you to be a success but you have to take a lot of guidance and you will still have to learn a lot yourself. If I'd be in your situation, I would delete the downvoted answer ( or defend them if you truly believe them to be right) and start off fresh.

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