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JBL Flip 4 portable speaker. IPX7 waterproof bluetooth dual driver speaker that won the CES Innovation Award 2017.

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Why playing via AUX cut's on quiet passages in the songs/movies?

There is this problem with JBL Flip 4, I think that playing via AUX sound is more controlled, clearer bass and less distortion. But it cuts out the sound on quiet passages in the songs, or in the movie, it soo annoying. Does anyone have a solution? It works fine with BlueTooth, but let's say, movies, the sound has a delay via BlueTooth so it's weird.

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i have the same problem.still have no the solution

I have same problem with my speaer. I would never expect such bug from JBL and I will return speaker back. JBL is doing nothing to fix this bug

Still a problem for me. Tho on JBL Charge 3. Its annoying cause I updated the speaker thinking I would get rid of a problem I used to have where the speaker would "sleep" after not playing anything for a few minutes and it would then take like 30 seconds for it to wake up.

I have encountered a problem and am working on it and need various advice on the forum.

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Hi, dude!

I had the same problem with my JBL flip 4, but i know how to solve it. Try to set max volume on your device and then set optimal volume with +/- buttons on speaker. If the sound from connected device is low, flip 4 is cut it out. I don't know why, but it is so.

I hope that I helped you.

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This is the simplest and most effective solution. Thanks a ton!

Thanks, mate, I was going nuts until I saw this fix!

Thanks, that worked. Was really irritating.

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As a workaround, you can run a signal generator app in the background, set to very low frequency like 20 Hz, and low but not too low amplitude. Flip4 will reject this frequency and not distort/waste power, but it will be alive all the time.

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Thanks a lot, i find even 1hz is enough to solve the problem. Bit annoying to set up every reboot but at least it solves it.

Can you suggest a signal generator app?

Thanks for this. I am using Audio Measurement System to generate a 20 Hz signal with -30 dB, which solves the issue. You can find the app here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/audmes/.

Other options for signal generation can be found here: https://listoffreeware.com/best-free-sig...

I also emailed JBL about this issue. Let's wait and see.

thank you it's working.

It really helped. For those looking for it, at least in JBL Charge 4 you can activate the low frequency mode by holding down the minus and bluetooth buttons simultaneously for ten seconds.

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Hi, I’ve found that going into the so-called “low frequency mode” fixes it completely - after also having made a firmware update (so my firmware is now as of 1-aug-2020).

For those unaware, “low frequency mode” does not put in a low frequency booster, as it might sound, but instead disables the sound processor. The same sound processor that cuts out quiet sounds also cuts low frequencies at high amplitudes, to avoid distortion - therefore they call this disabling “low frequency mode” because there will be no more low frequency CUTTING. So, thank you JBL, but I like my sound just as it is; if it’s so loud that it distorts, I can take care to lower the volume or put in an equalizer as I desire.


longpress bluetooth + volume minus - go into “low frequency mode” a k a unaltered sound; longpress them again to return to “processed mode”

Restarting or shutting down reverts to the default “processed mode”.

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thx that fixes the problem (no firmware update)

Unfortunately doesn't work with the Flip 3, but the soldering fix above (by @deepsoic ) does works with that model.

Created an account just to thank you, champ! Solved the problem on my Flip 4.

Same as above, I created this account just to say thanks. I have had this issue for years and had no idea how to solve it till now!

Thank you man! Too bad that no one know such feature exists

PS I've also registered just to thank you

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It is possible to hack the pcb to fix it. Extract the board, locate Q12, and solder a wire that shorts its collector (middle terminal) to ground. This will make Flip 4 think there is always audio going into aux.

Block Image

You may also want to remove 33-ohm resistors, that may reduce distortion for signal sources that have high-ish output impedance.

This hack causes a few side effects though: Bluetooth pairing sounds will not be played. Bluetooth audio does work, just no pairing sounds.

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Thank you for the deep detailed info. If the transistor is shorted, would it may be a good idea to cut AUX channels off after (or before) R148 and R106 ?

For my very unexperienced view it looks like the whole block has no function then.

@Frank Weichert yes. And it is likely to improve the sound a bit, as the transistors are a very nonlinear load, and can cause distortion if music source output impedance is high.

I have a similar issue with my bluetooth speaker, not a JBL.

and the soldering hack work. thank you so much.

but, I guess, now the speaker think that there is audio signal all the time and will not sleep. It will keep turned on until the battery died.

Is it as expected?

Applied the same fix on the JBL Flip 3 and voila, no standby mode. The PCB layout is almost identical and I think your schematics picture is in fact from a Flip 3 service manual? The PCB is glued in place, I was able to solder the little wire through the speaker openings without removing the PCB.


Now I realize though that my input (from an Orange Pi single board computer) is quite noisy, I wonder if a better audio cable will help, not sure if mine is screened.

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I don’t have a fix fix, but I have found that I can turn on a YouTube vid of a constant 12hr dog whistle and that will keep the speaker awake.

There is still sound coming through the speaker, but you can’t hear it, so it doesn’t interfere with whatever you are listening to.

Might annoy ya dog though. But I turn YT’s volume down really low and that still keeps it awake.

You would think in the 2 year span from the original post that JBL would have figured it tf out.

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What I did to get around this was plug it into power, BUT, when I tried to fix this issue while plugged in with an iPhone charger(the dinky 5w one that comes in the boxes of most iPhones), it did NOT work. I used a more powerful wall adapter and there is no more cutting out. Hope this solves your issue:)

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hello! I have JBL Charge 4, and it have the same problem!! All that I notice after half year of using is that the speaker’s aux volume is saving separately from volume via bluetooth. How it helps me: I simply set low aux volume on the speaker and adjust volume on Device. The stronger is signal, the less cuts would be. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work ideal, but it can helps with 80% sounds you play. So, JBL, PLEASE FIX THIS STUFF!!

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Maybe you should contact JBL via email about the problem.

i'm pretty sure that they're not reading this forum.

The more people that tell them about the problem, then eventually they might listen

you are right, mate )

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I’ve been listening to some really chill native american flute, and i’ve noticed the sound cutting out only when i use the AUX cable. I’m not experienced enough to open the board and start burning things, so I followed the advice to turn the volume all the way up on the iphone, and down a bunch on the speaker, and that does the trick!! thank you! Also, I just discovered the hack to turn off the extremely annoying start up and shut down noises, so i’ll pass that along in case anyone’s interested! peace! https://hackaday.io/project/162337/instr...

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In order to prevent the cut out between the TV and speaker through AUX, you gotta lower the volume on the speaker and increase the volume on the TV just to get a stronger signal from the output. Cause during the quite part of the movie e.g talking, are low on signal compared to part where there's music. If you turn the TV volume above half way it'll fix the problem.

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Happy holidays all. ,

I’ve come across a few theories that might be useful…. one theory points to the Realtek drivers to be the issue at the registry level. It basically gives you instructions to edit the registry which ALWAYS freaks me out when going in there. I would provide a link but I can’t seem to find it. However, I did manage to screenshot it.

Block Image

The other theory I ran across is not a solution but more like a band-aid. No special skills or tools required and therefore a link nor screenshot was not merited. Simply access a streaming medium like Amazon Prime Music and pause it. Apparently, this causes the audio to be in stand-by mode and allows for uninterrupted playback - no “gaps / breaks”.

This next theory is a time hog and may take a little prep / planning as it is “hands-on” approach. That pretty much eliminates that option for me. Basically, you’ll be like “detailing” a car but instead it’s on your audio equipment. Thoroughly clean all the “male” and “female” ends / ports with appropriate cleaning agent, inspect all soldering points on the circuit boards, inspect all cables for any irregularities and adjust accordingly.

Using audio splitters will not affect performance, of course contingent upon it’s build quality and materials. This also applies to any cables being used. The shorter the cable, the less tendency for latency issues.

I don’t use microphones for anything but, if you are using microphones, apparently using an adapter or a special 3 pronged assembly will help minimize any issues. Bearing that in mind, that’s all my input regarding microphones.

Amidst the vast amounts of reading and hours sitting in one place, I came up with bupkis. Time for a dose or two of King Louis XIII and resume tomorrow. Hope my experience helped at least one (1) person out there. May the Schwartz be with you. =)





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