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JBL Flip 4 portable speaker. IPX7 waterproof bluetooth dual driver speaker that won the CES Innovation Award 2017.

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Why playing via AUX cut's on quiet passages in the songs/movies?

There is this problem with JBL Flip 4, I think that playing via AUX sound is more controlled, clearer bass and less distortion. But it cuts out the sound on quiet passages in the songs, or in the movie, it soo annoying. Does anyone have a solution? It works fine with BlueTooth, but let's say, movies, the sound has a delay via BlueTooth so it's weird.

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Hi, dude!

I had the same problem with my JBL flip 4, but i know how to solve it. Try to set max volume on your device and then set optimal volume with +/- buttons on speaker. If the sound from connected device is low, flip 4 is cut it out. I don't know why, but it is so.

I hope that I helped you.

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As a workaround, you can run a signal generator app in the background, set to very low frequency like 20 Hz, and low but not too low amplitude. Flip4 will reject this frequency and not distort/waste power, but it will be alive all the time.

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It is possible to hack the pcb to fix it. Extract the board, locate Q12, and solder a wire that shorts its collector (middle terminal) to ground. This will make Flip 4 think there is always audio going into aux.

Block Image

You may also want to remove 33-ohm resistors, that may reduce distortion for signal sources that have high-ish output impedance.

This hack causes a few side effects though: Bluetooth pairing sounds will not be played. Bluetooth audio does work, just no pairing sounds.

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Thank you for the deep detailed info. If the transistor is shorted, would it may be a good idea to cut AUX channels off after (or before) R148 and R106 ?

For my very unexperienced view it looks like the whole block has no function then.

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