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bad charging and battery problem?

Hi all,

Following problem this time :

Samsung galaxy tab 3 8 inch tablet is working fine : battery percentage is ( for example) 56 percent. one second further the tablet says : only 4 percent left , please charge ...

sometimes the battery is dead, i recharge the tablet , but a few seconds later i see that there is 80 percent battery ?

also charging is soooo %#*@ slow... for example : 2 hours of charging for 10 percent battery ....

could it be the battery ? ( it will be the 3rd battery in 2 years)

could it be the charching port? bad connection?

how do i measure this on the battery and or the charching port?

could it be something else?

i always use a genuine charger , and also tried an other charger... ( offical charger) ...

thanks in advance

Update (06/22/2017)

Hey Guys thanks for the help so far.

I opened the tablet,measured out the battery :

6 wires :

2 x 0.0 VDC on black wires

1 x 0.0 VDC on yellow

1 x 0.32 VDC on yellow

2 x 3.72 VDC on red wires.

( measured 4 times to be sure.)

now measured out the charging port : ( as good as i could ) i measured 5.05 VDC on that connector.

(measured 2 times ...)

so it looks okay ... i gues, what do you guys think?

problem on the main board? bad or faulty diode or capacitor or...

The battery is already ( under warranty) replaced 2 times (once at 6 months old and now 5 months ago) . and 1 time the charging port... i think thats not quit normal.

the tablet is now 2.5 years old. and out of warranty. i could replace the charging port and battery but here in belgium those parts cost 60 euro ... so i have to be sure..

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Hey guys.

Did the Voltage check again, and again the same measurements.

I still think it is a main board problem.. ?

Like i sayed the battery is replaced 2 times under warranty... and 1 time the charching port? I realy don't think thats normal...

i checked all the connections , and those are good. Cleaned the contacts , still the same problem.

sometimes the battery is at 80 procent, than suddenly 40 procent , than dead and when i plugged the charcher in, i have again 60 procent.....

strange ...

I could renew the battery and charching port, but here in belgium you pay like 60 euro for that....

What do you guys think ?

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Kevin D, yes it is possible the charging circuit on the board is bad if all else looks good and board may need replaced or a good repair shop(micro soldering) check and replace charging circuit. Good luck with your phone.

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Try another battery and see how that goes.

With a digital multimeter set on digital mode measure the black probe on ground (screw hole / metal cover on board) and red probe on the charging port pins (It should be 5v on one of the pins).

For the battery connector same with black probe and red probe on the battery connector pins to check if the battery is being charged.

Regardless it sounds like a bad battery.

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Kevin D, Look in the charge port and blow/pick out(carefully) any dust/debri that may be causing an issue also look in the port for any bent pins and straighten very carefully with a tooth pick. Try a different compatible charger/cord to see if that is the issue one more time. If different compatible charger/cord does not fix and port looks/test good, the battery or connection could be bad, if able to clean battery connections and reconnect/install battery, still not charging battery probably faulty. If port is found to be bad/loose/damaged change it. I will post a link to a partial tear down guide to get you inside the tablet to check the charge port and clean(qtip dampened with 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol) and reseat connections on charge port/battery and will be able to replace either. The last link is to new charge port assy., which you can also do a search for better pricing perhaps if needed. It does not look like ifixit store has a replacement battery in stock presently. If not wanting to do the repair yourself have a good computer/cell phone repair shop have a look and estimate repair. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Charging Port Replacement

Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Charging Assembly

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Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Charging Assembly


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