An Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics introduced on December 2nd, 2015.

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Flashing Samsung logo after phone tried to restart

I tried to unlock the phone by fingerprint after pressing the power button but the phone was unresponsive. I tried turning th e screen on and off by pressing the power button to bring me to the lockscreen. it was still unresponsive. The phone turned off and the next thing is the samsung logo appears and it keeps flashing. Please help.

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Hello, I have also had this issue before.

I tried every way of rebooting. Have you tried rebooting by holding the power, home and volume down button for a while?

If this doesn't work, it's likely your phone has a software issue. You will have to go to an android repair store or your service provider store and they should fix it for free.

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i cant boot the phone, when i press boot volume up, nothing happens,if i press volume down,it gives me a warning and i cant even move at that step. After 5 sec, it closed and continue automatically flashing on logo.

What is the problem?

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It happened again. I pressed the volume down, power button and the home button and the phone restarted. The phone is working now

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Thank you for the reply.

The phone is working now. Since the battery is non-removable I waited until the battery drained it self then i plugged it in and switched it on. Its working now.

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