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LG에서 제작한 터치스크린 스마트폰 모델 번호 VS980는 2013년 9월에 출시되었습니다.

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What that error mean?


I have lg g2 and I was on vacation ..I put my phone on my pocket and it was have little water

I put my phone on sun area after 2 hours I get that screen ?

What it does mean

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That is a battery charging error with a thermometer. It means the phone either thinks your battery is too hot or too cold, so it will not charge.

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So how to solve that ? Thanks in advance

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You should stop charging it, disassemble it as much as you can and let it airdry a while longer, maybe a full day.

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Well .. is there any alternative solutions if that not work it open and get lg splash ..then shutdown

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