Blackberry Passport red light blinking after flashing

Hi all,

first of all I would like to introduce myself, I am mike and I am new from here, looking for some help.

I have a Blackberry Passport wich had a bberror 010-0015 so I tried to solve first with BBLink. However it was not possible. Trying to Reload it returns me an error saying that was not possible to update the software. When I tried to do the same from "Preferences" section, it returns a message of there are not updates available from Blackberry Device Software. So I was stuck with BBLink.

I tried then with the Autoloader SQW100-1-10-3.1.997 downloaded from the Developer Blackberry Portal. The flash was fine without errors, however my blackberry passport does not start, it shows a black screen with a red light 2-time blinking. The flash process was redone but everything is still the same.

So I am not sure how to continue to recover the Passport and i would be very grateful to receive some help from you.

Best regards,


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