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Why wont my computer recognize my iPod Classic?

I can not download anything to my ipod becuase my computer will not reconize it. I have trouble shot it and it says that something is not working right on the Ipod.

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Would you tell us exactly what it says "is not working"?

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candydus77, did you get it fixed or is it still a problem?

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Your computer will not recognize your iPod classic without iTunes loaded on your computer. It sounds like your computer is missing the necessary drivers to understand how to deal with it. Those come with iTunes. If you have iTunes installed on your computer and you are getting error messages try changing the USB port you are using. If that doesn't work you may have a faulty cord and need a new one (cord).

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Nice answer but not quite correct. You do not have to use itunes and depending on your OS it will still recognize an iPod as a USB drive, especially the HDD ipod. Your suggestion are a good start to check but far from definitive.

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