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Android smartphone developed by Sony Mobile Communications. Released July 2016, Model #F3213.

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Problems in screen and charging

My screen has Black area at prephrary and the brightness is pale, the screen also has black lines at center , another problem, sometime the phope cant charge

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Hi, did you drop your phone before? Cause there maybe something inside the phone broken.

1. brightness is pale - The screen flex ribbon maybe damaged, or the display was squeezed by something accidentally which break the internal parts in the LCD. In that case you should replace a new screen and here is

2. black lines at center - Check the screen flex cable, see whether it's loosen or not, cause the flex cable maybe loosen which enable only one part of the display shows image.

3. sometime can't charge - check the charge flex cable as well, or reconnect it. It seems the charging port of your phone was damaged.

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