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The M11x is Alienware's 11 inch extreme gaming laptop.

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Can I swap the r1 motherboard for the r3 motherboard?

So I got this laptop for about $50 and I was looking at the newer models so I went to look at the newest motherboard possible would be and it’s $35 and it appears to be the exact same layout just different gpu and cpu so I was wondering if I could swap out my motherboard with a r3 variant??? (With clean win7 install of course)

Also please don’t tell me that I’m wasting money into an old laptop I know this and for $35 + shipping it’s freaking worth it if it does work

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No, the R3 has a different port layout and appears to have a different heatsink location. I've never personally owned both the R1 and R3, but Dell Forums suggests that there are a lot more incompatibilities than just the ports. I suggest the Eurocom Monster 1.0 if you're looking for a new 11" gaming computer, it has a lot of options, even server level processors with the i7-3 Extreme CPUs and up to 8TB storage, all packed into a sleeper netbook look that won't get your laptop stolen at a Starbucks. Besides that though, you're better off reselling for parts on eBay and buying something even newer than that.

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