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Repair of USB-ports possible?

MacBook Air 13inch Model A1369 December 2010

The use of a ‘LaCie iamakey’ with the USB ports of my MacBook Air has led to seemingly slight, but fundamental and costly damage to these ports. Though the USB key worked fine at first – in the MacBook Air, as well as in my iMac 7,1 and my Packard Bell EasyNote laptop – the use of the port on the right side, after a only few uses of the USB key, even caused the MacBook Air to power off immediately when the key was inserted!

After careful examination, it appears that the same one of the four metal connectors inside both ports was bent slightly, but more so with every use of the USB key.

Before this became apparent, this cumulative effect, through my own use and further testing at a reseller’s store with another ‘LaCie iamakey’, both ports had been rendered unusable!

Can I repair this myself?

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Consider replacing the left i/o board, that will give you one new USB port. Here's how: MacBook Air 13" Late 2010 I/O Board Replacement

It's Apple part number 661-5792

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