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Unable to back up iBook

Screen out, lemerise advised me to get firewire and connect to my imac. with imac powered and ibook off I held down the T and pressed start up button on ibook but nothing came up on the imac, any suggestions. Rick

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First try staring up with your system installation disk. "C" key. Are you getting any sounds any lights?

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If youy have to, remove the hard drive and put it in a external enclosure. You can also hook it up internally in your iMac, start up from your system installation disk and run Disk Utilities on it. Or if the drive starts up fine on the iMac just burn your data to DVD. You can do this if both are either IDE or SATA machines. I can't tell because I don't know which iBook or iMac you have. that information would help.

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Yes, ibook got dropped and now colored lines is all that comes on screen, trying to use imac to transfer stored data from the ibook. Thanks Rick

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Thanks Mayer, lemerise had suggested using firewire cable to transfer. he thought I'd be able to bring up ibook drive on my working imac (10.6.6 ) to get pics off, till I get screen fixed. Said hold down T while starting up ibook. nothing appearing on imac desktop, seeing if I'm missing something. Thanks Rick

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Huuummm !! Maybe someone here could confirm if the Firewire Target Mode works from a ibook g4 to an intel imac under 10.6.6 ?

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