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Canon's Rebel XT is one of Canon's early entry-level DSLR's. Also marketed as the EOS 350D and the EOS Kiss Digital N.

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CF card error message

I've been having this CF card error message on my 350D pop up each time i try to use it.

I had a root around, and I believe the problem is a bent card reader pin inside the system itself.

Is this repairable? if so, how much, if it isnt a home fix.


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I just repaired this on my 350d. Unfortunately the CF card reader pins are individually soldered to the main board so you can't just replace the bent ones, you have to replace the entire main board. I got a replacement board using a donor camera I got off ebay - the donor camera was spares/repairs due to terrible physical condition and a smashed lcd display glass but did just about work as a camera so the main board was intact. This cost me £30 but after swapping the boards between the donor and my own 350d I should be able to get around £20 back reselling the donor on ebay as bad condition and cf error.

I'll find the websites I used for teardown instructions, it's not a particularly difficult fix just a little fiddly at times. If you attempt it and need any help at any point I'm happy to help as I did it myself so recently it's fresh in my mind.

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Here are the links I remember using: - this is the best one, I only used the others to fill in the gaps/double check on things. It is actually telling you how to replace the filter for astrophotography but make sure you stop at the point where you remove the main board, don't go further pulling your sensor apart xD.

The other sites:

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