Pink Stripes on screen - then white screen, computer not able to boot.


I have MBP 15" 2,2Ghz Late 2011 laptop. Recently I have started color coding with LUTs in FCPX and after some time during the work the computer screen turned black and I was not able to do anything than power cycle. Then the mbp booted up and I was able to resume the work. After some time of color coding in Fcpx, the macbook screen turned white and it was not responding to anything, so I turned it manually off. Now when I power it on, the screen has 5 PINK VERTICAL STRIPES and it does not boot, just turns to white screen. I tried external monitor, there are more pink stripes, then it turns white.

I read about this issue, it seems like the GPU got disconnected /solder disconnected/ from the logic board.

Can you please suggest any solution appart from replacing it for 400-500usd logic boards, as the MBP has now value around 600-700usd and I would not like to spend that much on the repair. I read about the possibility to try to bake the logic board to resolidify the solder on GPU.

Thank you for the answer and help.

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