My oil pressure gauge isn't working

The oil pressure gauge reads 0 but the pressure is fine. Is there an easy solution to try before having the gauge replaced?

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How do you know the oil pressure is fine? If this value is known, then you already have your answer and should replace the gauge. Unless you have hooked up an external pressure gauge to the engine or used a code scanner with all the options, you won't know what your pressure is doing. Visual inspections won't cut it.

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@tomtundra before replacing the gauge I'd be checking the oil pressure switch. Depending on what engine your Tundra has, it should be right next to the oil filter on the lower left side of the engine, you'll see the sending wire attached to it.

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Mine was the wire from the switch. It was rubbing on the fan belt and burned right through it. I read a post from someone who said to check 6-8 inches from the switch. He was spot on. Disconnect the wire going to the sender, disconnect the other wire beside it. Pull the harness up toward the top and examine the harness for damage. Mine had a hole burned through it and the wire was broken. I repaired it and carefully fed it back down making sure to zip tie it away from the fan belt. Now my gauge works.

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