Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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I press button with my face while making ph.calls

When I call friends and family and hold the phone close to my face, i inadvertently keep on pressing mute button or speaker button with my ear or face which is very annoying. My understanding is that there is a proximity sensor in the iphone and I have seen my friends phone and their screen becomes black once the phone gets close to their face. Mine does not

Humayon B khan

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Definitely check the #3 ribbon. If it is damaged, you will have to swap it out without damaging the connector. Here is a guide

iPhone 3GS Proximity Sensor Ribbon Replacement

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Well done getting a guide done!

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Thanks Polly!

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I have changed the cable with a new one but the only problem is that i can not get the ribbin all the way into the slot. The pboblem remains.

what should I used to guide it all the way in to the slot before putting the bar down, I am not sure even if that will fix the problem

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WHat I do is hold the phone in my left hand upside down and the screen in my right hand upside down. I use my index finger and thumb to hold the screen. The middle finger is in charge of lining up the ribbon to the connector, once it is lined up, i advance it forward and clamp down. Ive done this probably thousands of time so I have the technique down. Just take it slow. A new ribbon is stiff and is easier.

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That's the trick, I replaced a broken LCD and was hitting the mute and speaker with my face while on phone calls. I took the lcd back off and reseeded my #3 ribbon and now it woks perfect.

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You might want to check the ribbon cable connection 3. This connects the proximity sensor. The connector is called a ZIF connector, and has a special way of opening it. you should look for info on how to open it (basically flipping up a lever, and gently pulling or pushing the ribbon cable out.) Be careful, the internet is full of stories of people breaking the connector. it's a pain to replace.

Make sure that the connection is firmly/deeply in before flipping the lever back down.

hope this helps.

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