Three beep allways also with new brand memory

Hi to all, i have macmini mid 2011 i7 and i cant boot cause trhee beep on boot.

i tried change ram module, tried one bank at time.

tried to get working ram from macbok pro and put on macmini: three beep! i tried to clean the slot with air can, alcool, papar and other thing... no lucky.

So my question is: there is a possibility to reborn my i7 macmini? maybe firmware problem?

Thank you for your time for help me.


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A firmware update, even if one were available, isn't going to help your computer if you can't even get it to boot.

Assuming all of your memory is good, my next step would be to remove the motherboard and take a closer look at the memory slot itself. It's possible the slot, or one (or more) of its connections, is bad.

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