need help with photos

I was having problems with phone battery life thought it was all photos I backed up to Google drive big mistake then done reset then could not get photos out of Google photos or drive was told I would have to click on pictures1 by 1 to add back to phone gallery I did that but they also went to download folder and went back to Google photos causing duplicates so I went back in gallery and dealated photos again as they was still in Google photos so took to a cell phone rehab as I need new battery and they said they could put pictures on disc but they could not get it to do that so they downloaded drop box but did not put all pictures in there so I got pictures in dropbox ,Google drive ,Google photos ,download file, and phone gallery I do not want to loose photos trying to save for my children and grandchildren as I am on hospice and not long to live phone store manager said she could take to Costco and get pictures on disc but they are scattered Google drive and Google photos are the only place that has all photos can you give me a suggestion or help I have HTC Verizon android dna 6435LVW 4 g lte

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