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The Dell Chromebook 11 3180 is a cost-effective, student laptop that runs on the Chrome operating system. It was first released on Feb. 7th, 2017.

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My chromebook has an admin on it, how do I remove it?

Well, I bought my Dell chromebook off of Ebay, and I can't really do anything, the admin has blocked most things and it has ibossConnect on it, can somebody tell me what to do? (I can't get in Dev. mode either)

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You don't need to go into dev mode to wipe the admin off the machine. All you have to do is do a power wash. If the device is controlled by an admin that's a different story. You would have to contact the company that is controlling the machine and have them release the device. If your tech-savvy you can change the serial number on the device which will break the admin control but it is risky and you risk destroying the board.

You should be able to force it into developer mode by doing the following:

use the "3 finger salute", (esc+refresh+power) and follow the steps to remove OS verification, etc. It will then restart on its own (Dont force restart!).

It will likely say something like "dev mode has been blocked by administrator". Keep repeating step 1 till this works. Alternatively, replace the motherboard using another iFixIt guide.

Hope this helps!

press esc+refresh(↩)+power, and then press ctrl+d and then press enter (or space if you are on another type of Chromebook) then wait. after that press ctrl+d a few times, then you will be in dev mode. For windows, go to Settings, Update & Security > For Developers and select “Developer mode. Hope this helps!!

this is my chrome book i bought with my money and everything on it is blocked and i cant take pics of my work or nothing b/c of the administrator

Control d space enter nothing works on the laptop I bought on eBay

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READ: This is coming from someone who bypassed the web filter, printed from school printers on a personal laptop by finding the IP address, got past a local IP internet block multiple times and was left alone by admin and IT after a few years. The enterprise lock (and device policies) is stored on the cloud and tied to the device's serial number. Without access to the administration panel, there is no way to remove the admin tie without a new motherboard! You might as well replace the Chromebook since motherboards vs. whole units end up being similar if the admin will not remove the enterprise tie.
I know this is going to come up, so I'm addressing it: The screw trick DOES NOT WORK ON ANYTHING NEWER THEN THE "CR-48 SERIES", WHICH ARE ALL DECOMMISSIONED DUE TO THE FACT THEY NO LONGER GET UPDATES AFTER 5+ YEARS! UNLESS THE SCHOOL CANNOT AFFORD NEW CHROMEBOOKS (literally impossible since they get state funding and block XXX sites anyone who went through puberty knows about), they replaced them with PATCHED UNITS.

This is an iCloud activation lock for Chromebooks. Everyone please, STOP ASKING - IT CANNOT BE DONE! These machines are deployed this way to PREVENT what I got away with in high school! As the old generation left, the next generation who got it done, and found/abused the failures made it harder. If it was possible to neutralize the admin tie so it never comes back, do you not think people who can remove the management (who can afford to risk killing it) would buy them for almost nothing and try to fix them for resale or personal use, even if it meant PERMANENTLY neutralizing the management capabilities in firmware to the point it can never accept a management policy again with that disclaimer (similar to Persistence 1.0)? Oh, and they absolutely can live with the fact their used Chromeook can never be remotely managed. I have an E6400 with Computrace where I did the deed and permanently disabled it, by choice. It's a liability I want nothing to do with on a 2009 Core 2 Duo laptop.

The enterprise enrollment is tied to the serial number and is loaded on the device through the cloud. In addition, it is stored on the device locally just in case the students try to keep them offline - it is truly persistent. In addition to local storage, the profile gets restored to the device if you erase it by using the stored forced enrollment policies. THERE IS NO WORKAROUND. It sounds like an ex-school machine since iBoss has an education specific variant. I’m not shocked since schools are already infamously lazy about removing BIOS/EFI passwords from decommissioned systems.

With these “managed” Chromebooks, the only option is to return the unit as defective (because it *is*), especially with the eBay MBG. Only once it’s removed can you powerwash it and turn it into a “normal Chromebook” again.

It’s still your final call on what to do, but I would have just returned the unit and moved onto another one, unless the seller let me keep it, in which case I'd see what I can get done when I have a weekend to do it. The reason is these locks cripple these Chromebooks for outsiders. Personally, I do not take the seller’s negligence is my issue. You have a solid case against the seller, especially if they assumed it was clean without checking and then listing it as if it was okay for end user use and did not disclose this issue. Unless you somehow got a really nice one, send it back and try again - ex school Chromebooks are rarely worth saving and tend to be more beaten up, or BER if anything major is busted. Let the seller take the financial hit since it should have been sold for parts.

The main issue with school surplus is it tends to be in worse condition then corporate surplus used by businesses/professionals selling their old machine. In some school districts, they tend to back off with even a little parental pushback due to the low purchase price, which is why these managed Chromebooks regularly flood the market with residual remote management. While rare, some schools are flat out unwilling/afraid to hold the student/parents accountable for the damaged Chromebook, and it gets dumped on the market with the student induced damage and residual management. The only time they stand their ground is parents who give in or it’s hard to push back. Because of this, some districts sell them to the “student” (really the parents) to shift the cost of damage if/when it happens! They ironically stand their ground when a Mac is damaged ($$), but not Chromebooks ($) unless it is BER. THERE IS A REASON PEOPLE WHO KNOW BETTER AVOID EX SCHOOL CHROMEBOOKS ON THE SECONDHAND MARKET WHEN POSSIBLE. THEY ARE OFTEN JUNK OR RIDDLED WITH MANAGEMENT! I AM NOT GOING TO ARGUE WITH THEM FOR NOT DOING THEIR JOB WITH THEIR OLD CHROMEBOOK — I AM GOING TO SCRAP IT! Unless it is cheap, these make no sense to buy as the schools tend to hold onto them until the Google AUP lifetime is towards the end (usually only ~6 months-1 year left, or EOL when you get it)… The issue is you're SOL when they're no longer updated since Google maintains a list, so it’s YOUR FAULT for not checking. If it's not intact, it's almost certainly "managed" despite being disposed of. The biggest red flag is it will often require a school managed Google account, OR an .edu eMail from that college who sold it.

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As a Chromebook Tech, I can't agree more! There are ways around the Admin tie but it could cost you the board to which you might as well go buy a brand new Chromebook anyway lol.

@hbarnestechk12 Sure you can do something very specific with one piece of data you probably know what I'm referencing, but it's temporary and you need to reset it every time. It's a waste of time at best. This question is just as common and annoying as the iCloud lock ones. NO - you can't save a enterprise enrollment chromebook you got from eBay without going to Google and hoping they help or returning it.

The problem is Chromebooks are priced to be disposable - which is why schools love them. The MacBooks cost a lot to replace compared to a $150 enterprise ready Chromebook. Don't waste your time with Google when it's ex school - they're cosmetically terrible a lot of the time.

This is coming from someone who bypassed the web filter, printed from school printers on a personal laptop by finding the IP address, got past a local IP based internet block and beat IT to the point I was literally given a free pass to exploit it so they can make it go away... A Chromebook enterprise lock is truly forever since it is loaded to the device from the Google cloud - you need to change the board and the screw trick only worked on old chromebooks, which are mostly all EOL now, and out of the school system. This is an iCloud lock for schools. I wouldn't even be able to get past it, especially since the write protect screw loophole has not worked on any of the modern Chromebooks (made within the past 5 years).

it is not leting me do it

@Brylee Kristine Nickell Yeah the IT admins today are from my generation, who beat a less in touch generation into submission. We know the tricks, so they no longer work. I remember Websense lol; what a joke to bypass. iBoss was similarly bad as a web filter, but Connect is effective and nearly impossible to work around because of the enterprise management tie.

Normally that isn't a phase I'm proud of, but I had to say something in a area you can't miss because of old comments denying the credibility of my information. That said, I do have some hindsight into how bad things used to be in the days of MacOS on the A1181 MB (no remote management age lol) and Windows XP 1.83 Conroe Core 2 Duo Optiplexes with 2GB of RAM.

On one hand it's a phase I hate, but on the other would I be in such a good place if I didn't get my kicks at the expense of the school IT department and focused on that in high school when I had practically unlimited time? Probably not.

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if the device was enrolled in enterprise then you can not remove or remove the screw to fix the issue. If it’s not remove the screw and wash the device.

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Thx yes I've come to the conclusion that I cant it is enrolled thru some enterprise, I really assumed there was some way I could get around it. I tried any variation i could find but ultimately it's a lost cause i guess . A mom&pop computer shop couldnt figure it out tho right?? I am a novice and hopefully that's not the sole reason, it's a wash, so to speak?

You have to powerwash your whole entire chromebook.

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tried this solves every thing bathing it works too

Powerwashing wouldnt do anything though. even after a full factory reset, the administrator will still be there and you cant get past it. Essentially, powerwashing resets the device, not the enterprise that controls it.

Factory resets will add the admin to the system.

Hey I know this is a kind of old question but theres still a lotta people viewing this and I just gotta help those googlers.

I found a glitch today. I have tested on chromeos 86 and 87 on 2 different types of chromebooks. First, powerwash the chromebook. Sign into the internet and when you get to the screen where it says “Getting device configuration” click the notification center in the bottom right corner and get ready to turn off the wi-fi. When the screen turns to “Enrolling device” Turn off the internet. It will say “Enrollment Failed” Then click the button “Enroll manually” This should pull up a screen saying “no internet”. Turn the internet back on and click the back button. Eventually, in the bottom left corner, buttons will start to appear. First, Apps (If your district has apps). Second, Browse as Guest. When Browse as guest appears, go back and forth clicking the back button and the Browse as Guest button. Eventually, the chromebook should crash when you click browse as guest. Finally, press esc + refresh + power and it will take you to a screen where it says “Chrome OS is missing or Damaged” Press Ctrl + Search (Ctrl +Shift on older models) and then press enter to go into developer mode. Then, the screen will say “OS Verification is off. Press space to enable” Press space to enable then press enter. Finally, the chromebook will reboot and the enrollment should go away. If it doesnt work, then try it again. I hope this helps those googlers out there!

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You do realize it's based on the S/N so even if you SOMEHOW get past it now, it's gonna come back? That or it trips as offline to your school's IT department.

@the_ethan_9000 Give it time - it will come back or you'll get a call about it because IT noticed and your parents now know.

seriously will your parents really know if you've gone off the S/N? And by the way what is an S/N?

so no if you do it correctly i don't want my parents to know want i did to my chromebook

You should be able to force it into developer mode by doing the following:

use the "3 finger salute", (esc+refresh+power) and follow the steps to remove OS verification, etc. It will then restart on its own (Dont force restart!).

It will likely say something like "dev mode has been blocked by administrator". Keep repeating step 1 till this works. Alternatively, replace the motherboard using another iFixIt guide.

Hope this helps!

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Does this delete the info on the computer?

when I do it it just shut everything down like my website so I had to power it up again and then I had to restore everything

Here is the real answer you can't it's not possible unless you are the admin :) hope that helped!

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Yeah, she is correct, the esc + refresh + power is dev mode, I have tried this on admin enabled chromebooks, it will simply either screw the chromebook or completely disconnect from the campus network (e.g. you can't log in, mostly because it's a different (or old email) that the campus used. I know this because I have rooted the android subsystem on chromebooks by turning on dev mode, but all in all, don't do it. It will either murder the poor thing, or break it, then it's the IT's. Sorry if this is too much.

even if you were a ¨god hacker person¨ you would trip the IT department of you´re school since it will show that you´re s/n(Serial number) that´s different on every chromebook as offline if you´re tech savvy you can change the chromebook´s motherboard which the serial number is stored in you can in theory turn the chromebook normal but the school will probably try track the chromebook down in order to force you to pay for it or to take it back, so probably not a good idea to try this.

Thank You this website really helped me today.

Short answer. You can’t without being a god hacker person.

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