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Apple은 2015년 3월 9일에 Retina MacBook 2015 모델 A1534를 4월 10일에 출시한다고 발표하였습니다. 새로운 유니바디 구조 및 업데이트 된 트랙 패드, 키보드, 그리고 Retina 화면을 포함합니다.

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Screen dims then turns off after certain angle

Hi, my 12" Macbook (2015) has developed a problem where the screen turns off after opening beyond a certain angle (at the moment about 60 degrees). It works normally if I only open the screen slightly or with an external display, but when attempting to open the screen beyond a certain point it starts to dim then completely turns off.

When it turns off the laptop still works with an external display and sound still plays - just no image at all on the monitor. Closing the laptop to put it to sleep then reopening gets the screen to turn back on.

Any ideas what might be the problem or if this is fixable?

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This definitely sounds like the display cable is being pinched by the case. I would recommend keeping the laptop closed until you are ready to fix the issue, as if the cable keeps getting pinched it can rip or tear.

This is fixable, you just have to use the iFixit guides to get to the Display cable, and then adjust it so that it is no longer being pinched.

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