How do I make the time capsule fan run permanently?

I have had my 1st Gen. 1TB time capsule from new and it has always run extremely hot. It concerned me initially, but I have to say it has lasted ten years before the PSU failed, much to my surprise, I expected HDD trouble first owing to the high temps. Whilst waiting for a new PSU to enable me to get the data off the old HDD, I managed to pick up a 4th Gen. 2TB time capsule and it runs much much cooler. This makes me wonder if the old fan was working properly. Is there any way to check if it is running? Or is there a simple way to make it run permanently? Thanks for any help.

Update (02/20/2018)

Further to my initial question I have now received the new PSU and fitted it, and very quickly after powering up it gets hot like it always did - much hotter than the newer 4th Gen. time capsule. I was able to recover all my data from the HDD so that was still fine, but I haven't been able to work out if the cooling fan runs or not. No one any ideas? Thanks.

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