Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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PowerBook G3 Pismo wont power on and smells funny

I have a wonderful Pismo, it has been working great, i replaced many parts and havent had any issues in the last 2 years. The hocky puck charger adapter was sparking and not charging so I purchased a non-puck replacement and plugged it in and let it charge, the next day pismo turned on just fine and about 2 minutes later it made some weird sounds like a spinning disc being stuck or something the screen froze and then it shut off. It had a elecrtical burn smell, I couldnt get it to turn on again. Not sure what part needs to be replaced, if its from one of the chargers or something else. Any suggestions?

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Your hard drive may have locked up. Try removing it and starting up from your system installation disk. If it starts up from the disk without the hard drive then replace the drive. Here's how to get to it: PowerBook G3 Pismo Hard Drive Replacement

Also what was the wattage on the original charger and the wattage on the new one?

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The wattage on the old one is 45watts the new one says output is 24volts so I dont know. I ordered the that said it was the charger for the Pismo, I didnt think to really look into wattage. I will try removing the hard drive next and will let you know what happens.

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