Very-very loud krrr-krrr-krrr-krrr-krrr sound from dc-in

I hear an extremly loud neverending krr-krr-krr-krr-krr-krr-krr-krr sound from the dc-in when i power on the machine (even on battery power if adapter is not connecter).

I guess it is not from fan (its never stops) and not from speaker(there is the same when i take down the volume) becouse the sound is coming from the gap behind the dc-in connector.

When the power is off and I loading the battery (dc-in connected) there is _no_ sound.

Only when i power on the machine.

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We need to identify what's making the sound. I'd loosen up the upper case and lift it slightly to see if you can tell what's making the noise. Here's how to do that: MacBook Pro 15" Core Duo Model A1150 Upper Case Replacement

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Try this program fix

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