Can't get usb modem to work

To whom it may concern, I have an old ASUS with windows 8 on it. It has two micro ports - one is a usb , the other is an hdmi output. The microusb port is set up so that you plug in a nother cable that has fullsize usb on one end, then microusb on the other.

I tried to plug in a usb device but windows is not reccognizing it. specifically its a usb 551L modem that accesses the verizon data network. It works fine on another pc, but i have no luck dettecting it on the asus.

Anyone know if this is even doable? has anyone ever got an asus's usb port to work with anything, especially usb 4glte modems?

thank you in advance. Allen Nance

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Hi @alfonz ,

Has it worked previously on the computer?

If not then this link may be of some relevance. Apologies if you have already been here.

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