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"Battery is not charging" and no light

I have a mid 2010 Macbook Pro.

Its adapter suddenly stopped doing half of the work: it can maintain the battery at its percentage, but not increase its charge.

The OS icon says "Battery is not charging", with a lightning logo. The LED is off.

The same Macbook with a different adapter works perfectly. The same adapter on another Macbook displays the same behavior.

Thus it seems pretty clear that this is specific to the adapter.

Any idea what is wrong and how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance

SOLUTION : I replaced the cable and now it's working

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Not much you can do here other than replace the power adapter.

Apple doesn't offer any internal parts and the unit is sealed.

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Thanks for your answer ! In the end I replaced the cable, and that fixed the problem. Really weird.

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What is wrong?

If MagSafe power supply is identified as null and zero, then MacBook embedded controller does not allow charging of main battery.

Open 'System', view 'Power' (subpage of 'Hardware'), look under heading 'AC Charger Information:'. For an idea of what 'AC Charger Information:' looks like, a clue as to what to look for, here is a screenshot. Pictured is a full 'Power' report; near bottom is 'AC Charger Information:'.

Block Image

MagSafe ID is zero

Does your Mac report information from its power adapter, or does it display all fields as zeros?

If your subject power adapter is misidentified, then it might need cleaning or repair. Inspect MagSafe plug pogo pins. If middle pogo pin is dirty or sticky, then clean it or exercise it until it operates as it should. Inspect also MagSafe socket-inlet. If middle pogo pin (in MagSafe tip) is clean and springy, and middle land (in MagSafe inlet) is clean, then MagSafe plug is at fault.

How to fix it?

Get a replacement MagSafe plug or cable assembly, and splice it on. If you cannot find a used Original Apple MagSafe tip, then a non-authorised replica is acceptable. One will be better-off with a counterfeit tip spliced onto genuine power supply, than a knock-off power supply.

Do not discard a misidentified MagSafe power supply. It is still useful.

very similar problem, cross reference: 답변: MagSafe 2 is not charging, but keeps the power

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Thanks for your answer ! In the end I replaced the cable, and that fixed the problem. Really weird.

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Thanks a lot ! It worked with my magsafe 2 - 60w too. It was exceptionally satisfying to give back the new one I bought to the Apple store and get refund 89€

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That's a good deed, Vianney ELOY. Good job!

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@jdupont excuse where did u get a new cable or plug that do the job without harming the MacBook

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