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The 12-inch screen laptop was first sold in mid-2006, and was considered well-equipped, powerful, and ultraportable.

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When I connect the laptop to the power it does not power on or charge

when i connect the laptop to the power ,does not power on or charge, the laptop work fine when the battery was have charge, but later stop work the power adapter, and i check the adapter and is does have power, what can be the problem?

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A very good chance that the jack/socket that your power adapter plugs into is loose or faulty. The easy test for this: Make sure your power adapter has electricity. Plug your power adapter into the jack on the laptop. While watching the power/charger indicator lights gently move the adapter's plug in the jack. If you can get either light to flicker or stay on the problem is the adapter jack/socket on the lap top. Not many people have the skills to replace this themselves. You may want to take it to a repair shop. If you believe this is a job you can tackle here is the part for a reasonable price.

Here is Dell's online service Manual for your laptop.

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