Trackpad and hard drive issue in a 2011 MacBook Pro

Hey everyone,

I have a late 2011 MacBook Pro. I spilled a tiny bit of tea on the trackpad and it was just erratic clicking on all sorts of things and just unusable. It was clicking so fast that it was just bogging everything down. Apple no longer makes a replacement part so I figured I'd just open up my laptop, unplug the trackpad, and just use a usb mouse instead. I did this and then upon start-up the fan still seemed to be working really hard in the same way it was when the trackpad was randomly clicking and opening things. It would get to the sign-in page but when I entered my log-in info and hit 'enter,' it would just be stuck in the white screen with the apple in the centre. My next thought, was to go into Target Mode to pull my info off the hard drive in order to keep it in case I can't get back in. The host computer, however, is not showing any other disks. Can anyone give me any guidance? Any help would be much appreciated!

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