Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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Why is there just a grey screen?

When I power on, the screen stays grey like its loading the software but, I don't hear the harddrive spinning. The screen just stays grey. I have replaced the harddrive but still same problem. What else could it be?

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Try starting up from your system installation disk by restarting with the disk inserted and holding down the "C" key. Format the new drive and install a system.

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The long tone was from you holding down the start button to long. Are you saying it will not start up from the system installation disk? If that is the case, disconnect the hard drive and try starting from the CD and let me know your results. Reseat your RAM while you're at it.

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With the hard drive in and the CD in, start up holding down the "C" key. If it starts up use Disk Utilities to try to repair the hard drive. If it won't start, remove he hard drive and try starting from the CD again. If it starts then we can look at replacing the ATA/IDE 2.5" hard drive.

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UPDATE you unaccepted the answer. What's wrong?

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Great, progress- Reseated the RAM and removed the hard drive and it started from the disc. Turned it off and put the hard drive back but second start up resulted in the original problem. Is my hard drive bad?

Thank you for all your time and efforts. You are a God send. - Gabriel C.

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Hello, I replaced the hard drive with a brand new one.

When I hold down the c button the screen remains with the apple logo on a grey screen and will not start the installation process. When I took out the hard drive it started from the cd - no problem. Any advice at this point. Thank you

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Hello, the system installation disk is a retail system disk, and the new hard drive is

Condition: NEW: Factory Sealed!

Rotational Speed (RPM): 5400

Capacity: 100GB

Drive Type: Enhanced IDE (ATA-6 or PATA)

Buffer Size: 8MB

Product Life: 5 years or 20,000 Power-On Hours

Form Factor: 2.5" for Notebook

Dimensions (mm): 9.5 (H) by 70 (W) by 100 (D)

Please Advise. Thank you

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The system is Mac osx 10.4.6

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