MacBook 제품군은 2006년 5월에 처음 소개되었으며 Apple의 가정용 노트북 iBook을 대체하였습니다.

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coffee damage for macbok

I have a Apple MacBook that my girlfriend spilled coffee on some weeks ago.

I took the Macbook to a service centre who offered to replace the battery and harddrive for 600$. In doing so they removed the back and the screws.

I thought that the repair price was too expensive and thought I would first see if I coulddry the things out and reassemble myself.

Looking at the back of the computer I do not know where the screws need to go and hoped someone had some dis-assembly instructions?

I have treid to use common sense, but have failed the logic test!

I have the new version of the white macbook.

Can anyone help??


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Hi, Use the link I provide to identify your Macbook and click on the proper one. You will then see repair guides to help you with disassembly instructions. Good luck.

MacBook Repair

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