2016 MacBook hard drive missing

I have a 2016 MacBook that I repaired after a customer stepped on it. The Mac was running fine, and the only damage was a distorted screen along the left-hand side. I successfully replaced the display assembly, BUT . . .

Now, the hard drive has vanished. The computer starts, but it does not see the hard drive. It's as if the hard drive got disconnected. I have tried Internet-based recovery mode by holding down command and r. When it gets to macOS Utilities' Disk Utility, nothing is there. There are no drives/volumes present.

If anyone has had this issue with the 2016 or 2015 Macbook, I suspect the solution is similar. So let's hear your thoughts.

Help please.

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Chris - I had a motherboard with a crack alongside the CPU.

That machine was squashed in the car seat, and broke the screen

The entire case was perfect,,, not even a scratch.

I'm afraid your job is not done ;>)

Thanks Shafer.

Thing is, it was working until I reassembled after replacing the display. One problem fixed; another created.

Appreciate your time.


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