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Possible to do recovery without installing baseband?

Hi Community,

I am wondering if its possible to customise firmware to remove the baseband installation process.

I currently have an iphone 7 which is just going to end up becoming a data recovery due to GOD knows what the last repair shop did. However, i can nearly install firmware up until the dreaded 80% install, -1 baseband error (using 3U with data being saved option ticked)

I have done all repairs around this error and cant invest anymore time on the project, but just wondered if this is at all possible??

Thoughts and advice?

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on 3u did you try unticking reserve baseband while flashing under the pro flash section

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Yep. Still fails at that point

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what about removing the baseband ic itself, the phone will boot without it

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It boots to recovery mode, but I can still flash while keeping data. If I remove the baseband, won’t it still fail in the recovery process??

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Did you ever got to solve this?

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I hope he attempted exit recovery mode on 3utools becaused failed restore / update attempts keep a phone stuck in recovery mode.

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