Echo SRM-225 Trimmer. This model replaced the SRM-210. The most common repairs for this device are straight forward and can be done quickly.

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SRM 225 - runs for 20-30 minutes - once hot stalls out HELP

Replaced carb, fuel lines, fuel filer, checked spark arrestor, use true fuel only - I am baffled

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Hello, I am using true fuel and have since I bought this trimmer. The stalling and stopping sounds like it is having a hard time getting gas. It will start right up after is stalls out. I will disassemble and check for cleanliness but it is impeccably clean last I was in there rebuilding things.

Air leaking into the case via where? What about the ignition coil? I have read in other forums this is symptomatic of a failing ignition coil. Will tear it apart this weekend and let you know what I find.


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Air leaks @ cylinder base gasket. These engines have a plastic casing on the backside. Look at the parts diagram. Two gaskets & two crank seals.

Rebuild ??? how old is it ?

Best trimmer, ever, was a Honda 4-cycle.

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@louis56 when you rebuilt the carb did you by chance reroute the fuel line so it is closer to the exhaust ? This sounds like as the engine gets hotter the power goes away and this can happen if the fuel is vaporized in the fuel lines . Just something you might want to check . Hope this helps

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Moved the air intake hose it seemed to stay whole longer while running - When it started to cut off today I tilted the trimmer to one side and the bog down stopped. It still died but I am thinking of all the fuel lines again and the fuel filters to be replaced . Thanks for the advice.

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We are missing the most important pieces of info; sound & smell.

We must assume the fuel/oil mix is correct. Regular 2-cycle oil should show small wisps of smoke as you pull the trigger. The hotter it gets, the smaller the wisps. If you cannot see the exhaust, it is not being lubricated. Add more oil.

Once it stalls & stops. Does it still have good compression ?

Can you remove the muffler and easily blow thru it ? No back-pressure allowed.

While its apart, is the exhaust port sooty ? Clogged ? Can you see the piston rings ?

Was the compression weak when it stopped ? Drop a bit of heavy oil onto the piston rings, then slowly crank the engine. At each revolution, the compression should increase.

Further steps will entail dis-assembly.

Look for air leaking into the crankcase which leans the fuel mixture. Broken clutch springs, bad bearings, bushings, plugged gascap, and such problems, all add to the strain on the little engine.

Please let us know what you find.

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machine is very clean and has been totally overhauled, filters plug hoses etc. I only use true fuel as it is quick and easy. Thanks for the help

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Does this machine have a rock-heavy pickup in the gas tank ? Is it free to flop around ? Remove the fuel line at the carb, loosen the gas cap, and blow the fuel line back into the tank. It should offer resistance until you force the fuel back to the tank. Then it should bubble just like a aquarium air bubbler.

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You mean the filter Tom?I will check this next. Yes it is free to flop around but it may be an issue - Thanks again and I will keep you posted

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Carb Adjustment solved my problem - Funny they say you cant adjust these but I found out you can and need to - Please view video showing you how to get to adjustment screw - Thanks everybody who helped with many ideas and suggestions -


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