The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Cleaning out mold build up inside

I would like to clean the machine inside because since I have had it for a long time there is a bad odor that stays with the cloth after you dry it. Although fabric softer are placed in dryer it does not go away.

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Use what your mother would have used bleach. That is what is used to shock wells to kill mold and bacteria. Put about a quart of it in there let run it about a half of cycle then let it sit over night in the morning let it finish the cycle and run a clean water cycle through it with nothing in it to rinse it out. That should do it.

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Ahh - the old shock and awe approach

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Here's a page on it and a good video about what to do. I know I'm going to use some of these hints! Thanks for asking. I'll smell better. I didn't even know my washer HAD a filter. There are also different treatments for different types of smells. So if you don't mind, what's it smell like? There's nothing like washing out your dirty laundry in public ;-) Pardon me for the frivolity.

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