PS4 faulty power button

Alright, I had change the power supply on my PS4 and it started working again.. however I have been turning the PS4 with a wireless controller instead of the power button because it not working. Well, the controller is broke and the PS4 been off for a month or so. I happen to get a PS dualshock 4 controller and used a USB cord to turn on the PS4 but that didn't work, inserting a disc wont work, the disc won't even go in. When I press the eject button it shows the blue light but the fans doesn't turn on. I guess I don't have a way to turn on the PS4. I assume the USB into the controller would work. I assume the disc... I don't know what else to do.

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Well if I don't get any replies. I am planning to take the PS4 apart and see how the power button work as well. The disc injection and ejections works when it on

... However it off so it won't take a disc. I am probably going to see if I can fix that to be able to turn on the ps4

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Well I mange to insert the disc now and it only beeps once. I am wondering why the fan doesn't turn on, it been off for months and it a new power supply that was sitting in there for months. Any suggestion

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I’m having the same problem too! My PlayStation 4 slim power button is broke. Now I can’t update my PlayStation anymore! I hope someone answers soon

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